“The Energy industry’s partner of choice for C21 AIM solutions”

C2G Energy was created to offer a Twenty first Century sustainable and economically viable solution to the security threats and challenges facing the Energy and Infrastructure businesses, along the entire value chain from upstream through to downstream. Its purpose is to ring fence and add commercial value to major capital intensive energy / infrastructure projects by offering an integrated solution consisting of defence technology, geopolitical advice and specialist soft service at the earliest opportunity – ideally at the FEED and/or FID stage of a project.

C2G Energy advocates a strategic partnership between C2G Energy and its Defence partner, with the Energy and Infrastructure sectors, in order to offset the scale, nature, and complexity of C21 operational and commercial risks to their industries, on a global scale. The Defence sector is a fellow strategic industry that has the capacity, capability and technology to offer a preventative security/risk solution to trans-national Energy projects in the C21.

As part of this strategy C2G Energy’s primary function is to integrate its commercial Defence partner with C2G Energy’s own Geopolitical consultancy partners and key “Soft” service providers (sustainable development, conflict resolution, climate mitigation, etc) which are themselves considered “best in class”, in order to deliver the client an economically-driven, technology led and consultancy delivered, preventative solution.

AIM is a preventative-driven security/assurance service that ring fences and adds value to major capital projects such as:

  Port Infrastructure & Shipping
  Offshore Facilities
  Refineries/Storage facilities
  Associated Upstream Infrastructure Projects

Its purpose is to specifically address senior executives’ financial and commercial concerns with regard to security and project risk. C21 security threats to Energy, which increasingly are economic / societal in nature can, and do increasingly impact upon operational viability, corporate reputation, and eventually share price. AIM is designed therefore to counter the significant negative corporate impact of such emerging risk on the following vulnerabilities:


C2G Energy has offices in London and Kazakhstan.